BMW E3 – E9 – E12 – 21 – E23

From 1970 to 1986


Original Nardi Torino 15.3″ – 39 cm Wood Steering Wheel

NOS – New

Dark Mahogany Thick Wooden Rim

Original Nardi BMW horn button

Original and correct NOS New Nardi hub that will fit all BMW E3 – E9 – E12 – E21 – E23

Item #BMW-63-12-4-16

Price: $1,250
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Drive your BMW as the Germans do with an approved, secure BMW steering wheel
manufactured especially by Nardi Italia.

This steering wheel was the only allowed Nardi Classico 15″ model manufactured with a silver or black brushed anodized frame.

Dark African Mahogany Wood Steering Wheel as placed on BMW cars in
Germany and other European countries.

This steering wheel comes with the original Booklet of the German Ministry of Transport Kraftfahrt Bundes Amt.
It has all the German and other European “D.O.T.” approval # embossed on the backside of the spokes.

This steering wheel model has a stronger and thicker wooden rim.
The wooden rim is fully covering the frame so you do not see the inner frame between the 3 spokes.
It has a stronger backside finger grip.
The frame and spokes are made of thicker aluminum which is brushed and silver anodized.
You do not see any finger grip which prevent scratches.

This steering wheel come with the original Vintage BMW Nardi hub that is strong and collapsible
and will fit all BMW E9 mentioned above.

The horn button is an original Nardi special horn button with original BMW center emblem.

This is the same steering wheel I placed on Aston Martin – Rolls Royce – Ferrari and Mercedes.

I have just purchased the left over inventory of a BMW dealer closing down.

Only a limited amount of steering wheels are available with original BMW Nardi hub and BMW horn buttons.

(This is NOT a cheap plastic outer skirt hub as are sold on Ebay for $70)
ORIGINAL E9 BMW NARDI HUB / Boss with directional cancellation tab
and original Nardi vintage horn buttons with BMW center emblem.

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