1966 Ford Shelby COBRA GT 350

Original F.I.V. WOOD Steering Wheel

Made in 1968

New Old Stock

Fitted With A Safe Strong New Hub / Boss

To Fit Mustang Shelby 1966

Item # Shel-77-6-5-14


Price: $2,000 + $65 US USPS Priority Mail

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1966 Ford Shelby COBRA GT 350
Original F.I.V. WOOD Steering Wheel
Made in 1968
New Old Stock

Fitted With A Safe Strong New Hub / Boss
To Fit Mustang Shelby 1966

Beautiful fully-covered wooden rim with backside finger grip.
Real wooden rim with backside black line.
Strong brushed stainless spokes.

New custom Mustang adapter (Not Grant) specially manufactured with the correct height to fit perfectly 1966 Mustang/Shelby steering column cars.

This steering wheel with hub/boss has the same height as the original steering wheel made for 1966 Shelby COBRA GT 350 – GT 500 in order to have correct clearance for the directional lever.

The hub outer skirt top has been manufactured to accept the shape of the steering wheel center.

Large horn button assembly manufactured in Italy by Nardi with Ford Shelby GT350 center emblem.
This horn button assembly is the best on the market, same diameter as the original Shelby horn buttons.

This steering wheel is guaranteed real wood and an Original New Old Stock F.I.V. manufactured in 1968.

This steering wheel is guaranteed to be safe and will not have any electrical short circuit as F.I.V. had in the past.

See detailed pictures below the description.

Ready to place on your car.

F.I.V (Fabrica Italiana Volanti s.p.a.) took over the EFFPI Company at the end of 1967.

F.I.V. manufactured steering wheels for many different car manufacturers between 1967 and the end of 1968 for Fiat – Maserati – Porsche – BMW- Shelby and others.

F.I.V. used originally a similar type of adapter as GRANT. The horn button assembly and contact rings were electrically isolated through 12 small isolation rubbers. Those thin isolation rubbers placed between 12 rivets holding the adapter and horn button assembly (between the frame of the steering wheel) did not properly isolate the electrical circuit + – of the backside horn contacts to the complicated and badly developed horn button assembly. This resulted in a short circuit through the horn button, the plastic horn button center melted, the backside horn contact ring got damaged, the wiring melted in the steering column housing, and many cars caught fire from this electrical shortcut.

You can see a damaged F.I.V. Shelby steering wheel caused by an electrical shortcut under Ebay # 390785364380 – Damaged outer horn ring on lower hub picture #4 + # 9 and melted horn button center picture # 7.

67 Shelby F.I.V. Real Wood Steering Wheel Original Replacement

Unfortunately the company got into bankruptcy and closed down in 1969 due to too many law cases against them because many cars got electrical shortcuts caused by the problem described above.

See pictures of an original F.I.V. backside horn contact rings, adapter and horn button assembly, below this description.

The horn button assembly has safe isolated horn wiring connections

The picture below shows a F.I.V. steering wheel with the original defect adapter/horn contact rings
and horn button assembly that caused short circuits on many cars

The picture below shows the complicated defect top horn contact rings

The picture below shows the adapter which was riveted on the frame

The picture below shows the 12 small isolation rubbers placed between the center frame of the steering wheel and horn contact rings

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