1968 Ford Shelby COBRA

GT 500   GT 500KR

Original EFFPI Wood Steering Wheel

15.75″ Diameter – 40 cm

Original New Old Stock

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1968 Ford Shelby COBRA GT 500 GT 500KR Original EFFPI Wood Steering Wheel
15.75″ Diameter – 40 cm
Original New Old Stock

Made End of 1967 – 1968
To fit 1968 – 1969 Ford SHELBY COBRA GT500 Shelby Cobra GT 500KR
+ will also fit Tilt Steering Columns.

NOS Tilt Column turn signal cancelling cam included.

The Italian company EFFPI that had manufactured wooden steering wheels for 1966 and 1967 Shelby cars declared bankrutpcy at the end of 1967. C. Shelby did not find another alternative and kept the Ford Mustang simulated wood steering wheels for his upwards 1968 cars. The new owner F.I.V. – FABRICA ITALIANA VOLANTI s.p.a. Milano took over the Italian EFFPI company inventory. From the end of 1967, F.I.V. started producing cheaper aftermarket wood steering wheels with the look of the EFFPI “67 Shelby GT 500” for different car models including Fiat, VW, BMW, Innocenti, Maserati and Shelby, using a “GRANT like” adapter and a complicated non-working top horn button assembly which were both riveted on the frame of the steering wheel. Unfortunately due to the bad isolated horn rings and horn button assembly of those F.I.V. aftermarket steering wheels, many cars got electrical shortcuts and some got on fire. Due to many lawsuits F.I.V. had to close the company in 1969. In the 1970′s the F.I.V. Co. inventory had been bought through a Milanese car and car parts dealer.

About 5 years ago I was able to purchase the left-over inventory from this retired car and parts dealer which included a large amount of EFFPI – F.I.V. steering wheels for Shelby cars with different hubs for 66 – 67 and 68 Ford Mustang – some embossed with EFFPI – some with F.I.V – and some were only embossed on the backside with INT. PATENTED (MADE IN ITALY).

This particular steering wheel is one of the many I purchased. I assume that it had been manufactured by the previous EFFPI Co. end of 1967 to fit the new wider steering column of Ford Mustang’s 1968 models. This steering wheel is fitted with the correct original 67 68 69 Ford steering column spline and contact rings. What’s rare is that it has the large stainless lower hub skirt with a diameter of 3,970″ which fits perfectly into the 1968 and 1969 Ford Shelby or Mustang steering column housing.

The steering wheel (see last pictures) has been tested and fits perfectly on a 1968 Ford Shelby steering column.

This steering wheel will fit adjustable tilt steering column on 68 – 69 cars.

NOS Original Tilt Steering Column Tilt included.

The steering wheel itself is in concours flawless condition. I have never seen a nicer wooden rim as on this steering wheel.

Several of those “68 Ford spline and wider hub diameter steering wheels were among the left-over inventory I had purchased and I have previously sold 2 of those, 1 last year for $6,000, see https://wood-steering-wheels.com/52-shelby-cobra-steering-wheel/

I also sold another one 2 years ago through Ebay for $4,840.

See the feedback of a very satisfied buyer: Buyer: Member id patnik68 (Feedback Score of 298) Mar-15-11 16:37 PERFECT
seller..can’t say enough good about this one! THX so much..AAAAAA+++++ Reply by wood-steering-wheels (Mar-15-11 18.49): Sold
$4,840 68 Shelby GT500 GT350 EFFPI Wood Steering Wheel NOS New 350444771250

Since then those steering wheels (for Shelby 1966 and 67) have extensively increased in value. The FIV Bullitt 68 leather steering wheel shown on some pictures has been sold through my website to a new owner of a 68 Fastback GT 500.

This steering wheel is the rare deeper dished version compared to the 3/4′ lower dished EFFPI. See height difference on last pictures of a NOS new Original EFFPI 67 steering wheel – same as the one sold on December 21-2014.

See low dished 67 EFFPI with self made finger tips (earlier 67 Version – later 67 EFFPI had same spokes black finger tip as on my 68 EFFPI)) on spokes and low quality wooden rim, Click below:


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