Ultra Rare New Old Stock

Original Lucas Shelby 68 – 70 Fog Lights

For Shelby’s 68 GT350 GT500


& Shelby’s 69 GT350 GT500 GT500 KR

Item # lucas-fog-lights

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Ultra Rare New Old Stock Original Lucas Shelby 68 – 70 Fog Lights For Shelby’s 68 GT350 GT500\ GT500KR & Shelby’s 69 GT350 GT500 GT500 KR

In Original Ford Packaging
# C 8 Z Z – 1 5 2 0 0 – D
Dated 3/4/70

Correct Lucas fog lights with the original small square support
The full chrome housing is marked “Lucas FT/LR8 Lucas ENGLAND”
The lenses are marked “FOREIGN GLASS – SAE F68 – ATF T8”
Not a Lucas Reproduction

For your information :

Lucas never had lenses made in the UK. Pre 1968 lenses were manufactured in Italy by the same supplier of the glass lenses for Carello.
Pre 1968 Lucas FT/LR8 fog lights lenses had the marking “England” or “Made in England” which was not correct as those lenses were manufactured in another country.
Complaints from other car parts manufacturers forced Lucas to stop placing the marking “ENGLAND” or “Made in England” on the lenses.

From 1968 Lucas made the lenses manufactured in France and placed the marking “FOREIGN GLASS” as Lucas did not wish to mention where the lenses were manufactured.

All motor vehicles lenses made in France have a “French DOT” approval #
From 1968 the Lucas lenses had the “French DOT ” marking “SAE F68 – ATF T8 – (SAE F68 is date of Manufacture)

The same fog lenses for Lucas FT/LR8 were fitted on divers New 1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadows with the marking “FOREIGN GLASS”. SAE F68

Other French motor vehicle lenses manufacturers also had a “French DOT approval # Marking.

The Cibie Model 35 Aeroport fog lights placed on the 14 through Claude Dubois in Belgium modified 1970’s Chassis cars and sold in joint venture with C Shelby as 1971 – 1972 European Shelby GT350 GT 500, in Europe, had on the lenses of the fog lights the french DOT marking engraved with: SAE F70 date of manufacture of those Cibie Lenses 1970

See my other auction of a pair of NEW NOS 1970’s CIBIE Aeroport Model fog lights placed on all last 14 Claude Dubois/C. Shelby manufactured cars.
It is not correct to say that :

Lucas FT/LR8 Lucas ENGLAND fog lights with FOREIGN GLASS and SAE F68 ATF T8 marking would be fog lights made after the 1970’s.

Lucas FT/LR8 fog Lights with the marking “ENGLAND” or “Made in ENGLAND” on the lenses are older pre 1968 manufactured fog lights and are not relevant in higher value or as ” the only original Lucas” as those were not produced in the same year as the Shelby 68 cars but were Lucas pre 1968 New Old Stock fog lights.

A part of 1968 Shelby cars were delivered with New Old Stock Lucas FT/LR8 fog lights and the majority from middle 1968 delivered cars and 1969 Shelby’s were delivered with the Lucas fog lights having FOREIGN GLASS and the Frennch DOT approval # # SAE F68 ATF T8

Shelby often placed New Old Stock parts on his modified Mustang’s.

A good example are the many Shelby “67” cars that were built on 1966 Mustang Chassis cars therefore the 2 different kind of 1967 EFFPI wood steering wheels for 1967 Shelby GT 350 GT 500 – One with the spline head and directional cancel ring for 66 Chassis Mustang cars steering column spline shaft and one with the spline head with the cut at 5 AM for the 67 Chassis Mustang cars steering column spline shaft.

Or the last 14x sold as 1971 – 1972 Shelby European GT 350 GT GT500 were 1970’s Chassis Ford cars.

1971 – 72 Shelby Europa GT350 GT500 CIBIE FOG LIGHTS ORIGINAL New NOS –

I’m just mentioning this to clarify that the Lucas lens with Marking “ENGLAND” or Made in England ” were New Old Stock of Lucas fog lights pre 1968.

The 2 Lucas fog lights I am offering for sale have the correct Shelby Lucas Fog lights # C8ZZ-15200-D
on the FORD packaging box.
and a marking “3/4/70″which could be the date of the packaging or sale date of those Lucas fog lights at the Ford Motor Company in Michigan.
The lenses have the marking “FOREIGN GLASS” – SAE F68 ATF T8 and have been manufactured in 1968

Those LUCAS fog lights are authentic and originals for the Shelby’s 1968 – 1969 GT350 -GT500 and 500KR.

You are purchasing the 2 Lucas fog lights with the 2 original Ford packaging – no other parts shown.
(it does NOT include the rare New Old Stock EFFPI Original wood steering wheel for 1968 Shelby’s]

All parts NOS New in Flawless condition.

Beware that nowadays New Lucas Fog lights with the European sign on the lens “E11” are brand new Reproduction Merchandise

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